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Denial, Denial, Denial.

My host is such a moron. Luckily, she's half dead from lack of sleep caring for Benji, so it's much easier to hijack her body, which means I have time to insert modifiers and other nice parts of speech. And capitalize. (You seriously didn't think I didn't know grammar, did you? I mean, granted, it's usually something I left to the hosts, but we learned Standard back when Lela initiated First Contact with the nascent Federation.)

Usually I have no motivation for writing in this, but Q gave me a lovely compliment in another post, so I figured I ought to show off a bit and live up to all that praise. Plus, I am in shock that Ezri wasn't reading the little crossouts. She's dumb, but usually not that dumb.

Anyhow, the thing that really pisses me off lately is that I was actually starting to get to like Ezri. Now, this was before the livejournal, but after the first few weeks, I was starting to dig on getting to be a counselor. You get to hear everyone's shitty problems, and then tell them what sort of morons they are. It's the perfect use for Audrid's annoying habit of running other people's lives, and Curzon's diplospeak.

Only, it turns out that my host is apathetic and obnoxiously fucking the Doctor, which I'll admit: very fun. He's very enhanced, you know, and I happen to like fucking. It's better than budding, that's for sure. Jadzia and I knew he was no good for a serious relationship though, I mean, did you see the way he looked at Garak? Come on now!

I can't believe I'm going to spend the next 70+ years stuck in her.

You know, if only I could get her to dump Julian for real. She has so much potential, and I thought we were shaping up to be decent counselors. (Well, ok, I was doing all the work, but I don't mind, as I said, was kind of fun.)
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